Thanks for your desire to help the men of your church and community grow.

We’ve been working at this for more than twenty-five years; we’ll give you the tools and equipping you need to reach and disciple men.

  • LEARN AND APPLY THE “NO MAN LEFT BEHIND” MODEL: Get a quick orientation to these proven principles by clicking here. You and/or your men’s ministry leadership team can receive comprehensive training on men’s discipleship and ministry through our Leadership Training Center.
  • WATCH OUR WEBINARS FOR MEN’S LEADERSHIP TEAMS: Get with your men’s ministry leadership team and watch our webinars on topics that are vitally important to a sustainable ministry to men.
  • ENROLL YOUR CHURCH IN “THE JOURNEY TO BIBLICAL MANHOOD”: The Journey is a customized plan to help you disciple ALL the men in your church using content you choose. Organized into 12 flexible Challenges, the Journey is based on the principles of our No Man Left Behind Model.
  • SCHEDULE A MEN’S EVENT: Create momentum with one of our men’s seminars that you teach (or bring in one of our faculty members to facilitate the seminar for you and your men).
  • DISTRIBUTE BOOKS TO MEN: Through our Books! by the Box program, you can buy cases of 12 or 48 books for ridiculously low prices to give away to men (and women too).
  • START A MAN IN THE MIRROR BIBLE STUDY: Study the Bible with Pat using the Video Bible Study.  We have over 65 different series with downloadable discussion questions for each session. Use the recently revised  “The Man in the Mirror” series or dip into the archives for a series like “A Man’s Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines.” 
  • START OR LEAD A SMALL GROUP FOR MEN: Read this brief article about how to lead a weekly small group for men.
  • USE OUR DAILY DEVOTIONAL: Use the daily devotions in the Equipping the Man in the Mirror Magazine by forming men into small groups that meet weekly using the small groups guide in the magazine. Try a free 6 month subscription.
  • RECEIVE OUR EMAILS: Receive biblically based ideas written for men just like you.  You can subscribe to Pat’s Weekly Briefing for leaders or any of five useful email subscriptions including our 24/7 Prayer Team.
  • RECEIVE OUR DISCIPLESHIP BLOG: Sign up for Pat’s daily discipleship blog that you can receive as an email (or several other ways). There is a simple one-step process to subscribe. Give it a try. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • HONOR YOUR SPOUSE: You any your men can begin to pray a 68-word prayer for your spouse everyday using this free tool – The Marriage Prayer.
  • HELP YOUR MEN BECOME ACCOUNTABLE: Use this free resource to show men how to have an accountable relationship. Read this brief article to understand more about accountability.
  • SEARCH FOR ANY TOPIC: Have a question? Search for virtually any men’s topic in our robust search window (upper part of the page) at